Lost Logbook

Scouting work order 175 

Scout out the high school for possible rehabilitation of the building. 

You and your crew must map out the school and surroundings then find, identify and mark issues on the map you’ve made. 

You and your crew must stay at the school till all of the above is done or until the 21 day period is done then you must signal the helicopter to evacuate you, your crew and what is left of your equipment and supplies. 


Day 0 we have arrived and the school looks like there was a fire near the building causing it to be covered in soot and ash. My crew has 6 men 2 women and a dog. We must stay here until the work is done and we’ll start tomorrow after we set up camp 

Day 1 disaster the tents are gone and the women are dead Rip Aylx H.L. Ellis D. and the rest of us are injured. Half the equipment is gone along with all the supplies so all the food is gone the medical supplies and we all had 4 flares each with 18 spares there is one flare left. I contacted Hq and we are bound via contract to this place. So I gave the order to pack up our stuff and head into the building. I hope this is the right choice. 

Day 2 these halls are frozen in time and I can’t figure out why I envy it. Probably due to some mental flaw of mine. I’ve set up in a place where I have a clear sight of the courtyard where we must set the flare for escape. Dear god, why did I sign that contract? 

Day 4 more death this time the dog he was just walking around the second floor following someone if the picture Alyx took is true. Now the second floor is highly damaged and partly collapsed due to him. Out of fear i moved everyone to the auditorium for now but i dont think we’ll survive any longer if this place comes down. 

Day 7 The second floor came down more making a small hole to go down so I sent Percy down there with James to save him if the roof caved in burying them alive. James has lost his arms Percy just vanished from the//////////////////

Day 8 Percy’s taken out James and is hunting us down Hunter ran away Boris is on the roof with a rifle trying to shoot Percy and i gotta help him. 

Day 9 we failed every but me and Percy is dead i cant run much father gotta rest.\ 

Day 11 ten days to go till i can signal rescue hopefully i can survive till then and how did Percy not find me sleeping

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