New Planets

When earth finally ran out of resources to support everybody on it, the richest, most powerful humans went in search for a new planet. After months of zipping around space searching, they found a planet populated with strange plants and waters and even Aliens. As soon as they landed they got to work harvesting food, nearly destroying the planet’s ecosystem. Now the Aliens were enraged. 

        The aliens demanded the humans repair the planet, but the humans refused. That had perplexed the Aliens, why would humans put so much effort into destroying but refuse to repair? Why hadn’t they fixed their own home? Why do they feel they deserve all of these goods produced by our planet? The Aliens soon realized there weren’t any answers, there were no reasons.

      The humans only continued to abuse the new planet, spending all of their time fighting over dwindling resources and gloating what they had. On the contrary the Aliens spent their time teaching themselves about the ship the humans had arrived in, now abandoned.

      Everyday the planet got worse and worse, sicker and sicker. Everyday the aliens got closer to being able to use the ship. The aliens knew the humans would not last long alone on the disintegrating planet but the ship could only hold the aliens and the necessary food.

       The humans saw the Aliens getting ready to leave, and naturally wanted to come with to escape the second planet they had ruined. The Aliens saw the pleading humans and had an idea, a wonderfully delicious idea. That night the Aliens hopped on the ship escorting their blissfully unaware food rations with them.

        It wasn’t until dinner on the ship till the humans realized what a horrible mistake they had made.

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