“When can I meet the prince Mom!” My sister said. 

It was her dream to meet Prince Andrew, and I can’t blame her, he is so dreamy “Well now that you and your sister are of age you will both go to the gala!” Mom told us She sounded so excited, but I just couldn’t 

“What?! No, I never agreed to that!” I argued 

Yes, Prince Andrew was the best looking guy I had ever seen. But I did not want to get married, I didn’t want to settle down 

“Sadie, you have to. I said so, and do it for your sister. Every eligible bachelor is required to show up to the gala.” Mom told me, her tone told me she was disappointed in my response 

“What if I don’t want to do this? Amelia will be fine on her own.” I decide 

I will not budge on this, I don’t want to settle down. And the last thing I would ever want to do is get all dressed up for one guy 

I stormed up the stairs and into my bed, after so long I fell asleep 

I woke up the next morning and did my normal routine. I got ready and headed downstairs to cook breakfast 

“Good morning darling! Come try on some of these dresses for the gala!” Mom shouted from under a pile of tulle and glitter 

“What is this madness! I already said I’m not going Mom! Cant you just understand that?” I responded, my tone annoyed 

Even I could hear how annoyed I was just by my voice 

“Now, Sadie. And don’t use that tone when you speak to your mother.” She said, her voice firm 

My mother was not a woman of many words, and when she did speak it was rarely ever in a tone other than light and airy

I listened to her and went over to our living room. She had me try on every dress, I hated every single one. But yet, she made me choose one 

“What about that black one?” I asked 

“This is a gala, not a funeral, child.” She responded 

“Yes mother” I caved, but annoyed none the less. 

“What about the green one?” I followed with 

“Sadie dear, green is not your color. It doesn’t look good with your eyes!” Mother said 

Always so particular, it’s a dress. Not my future. But never the less, I must make mother happy, and if this is what she wanted for me this is what I shall do 

“Darling, what about this red one?” Mother asked, innocently 

I hated it, it made me the center of attention, the last thing I could ever want. But when she used that tone, it’s almost impossible to say no 

“Fine, I will wear that one.” I give in, as much as I hate this I know it’s what my mom wants. “Let’s put the dress back on you, dear!” Mother tells me 

I hate the feeling of wearing a dress and I’m begging and praying that the gala is canceled Eventually the day of the gala arrives, the did not cancel it 

But it’s fine, I’ll stay for an hour. Dance with Prince Andrew and leave. Problem solved! Me and Amelia arrived at the palace that night. Two guards greeted us at the doors and let us in 

There were so many people, I knew I stood out in my bright red dress. I looked like a sparkly tomato 

As soon as we walk in Amelia runs off somewhere, leaving me alone in this craziness The evening goes by and I have already been here for three hours, I’m debating just leaving I’m standing on the balcony overlooking the garden when I hear footsteps behind me I turned, and there he was. Man, he was so handsome

“Prince Andrew! I didn’t know you would be out here, I will make my way downstairs your majesty.” I said as I curtsied and began to walk away 

“Why don’t you stay for a bit, I don’t bite.” He called after me, chuckling at his own words I can’t refuse the prince so I turned around an headed back to the edge of the balcony “It’s so calming out here, away from all the madness they call a gala.” Prince Andrew confessed Oh god, he was trying to start a conversation! I have no clue what to say “It is very nice out here” I respond with 

I feel like an idiot, here I am in a big poofy gown talking to the prince when I should be at home cooking dinner 

“I don’t believe I got your name miss,” He said to me 

“It’s Sadie. Sadie Oakes.” I say, cringing over my name 

“Sadie Oakes, what a lovely name you have.” He tells me 

I blush at him complementing my name, I look away so he hopefully doesn’t notice 

All the sudden, a slow song starts playing. I’m assuming they are waiting for the Prince, but he doesn’t move and inch 

“May I have this dance, Miss Oakes?” Asks the prince 

Why does he have to be so charming? But once again, who am I to refuse the prince “You may” I respond 

We danced for what feels like an eternity and no time all together. But I know the dance, and at the end of the song there’s a dip where your supposed to kiss 

“Your a very good dancer, Miss Oakes.” Says Prince Andrew 

I blush at his comment and I’m more then sure that he notices 

“You’re not too bad yourself Prince Andrew.” I return 

“Please, call me Andrew.” He tells me

I’m sure I am redder then my dress at this point, and he definitely noticed Here it comes, the big dip. What do I do! I can’t just run away mid dance, so I just go with it 

We get to the dip, it’s indescribable. I’m at a loss for words, and then it happens. His eyes are back and forth between my lips and eyes 

He leans forward and kisses me, I lean into it. My mind is going in a million different directions 

Then it stops, he lets me up. We are both at a loss for words. Then out of nowhere, a grin inches it’s way across his face 

“Well, princess, I don’t feel a need to keep this gala going.” He smiles as he tells me “Princess? I will have to get used the that one” I say 

He’s grinning from ear to ear, and I can’t help but laugh 

“Well princess, I shall go call the gala off. Don’t go anywhere while I’m gone!” He says, heading towards the door 

“I won’t!” I call back 

Now I’m the one with a stupid grin on my face, bug I don’t mind it. I let out a sigh that feels like it’s been held in for years 

All I can think of is one single word 

“Princess” I say through a laugh

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