Personal goals and how to live your life for yourself/go for what you want Featuring: Liv & […]
Discussion about the Psychology of Criminals Featuring: Matthew felty, Halie dwyer, Cito tuttle, Ramzy Youssef
CO Football Football playoffs and predictions Featuring: Wyatt Och, Brendyn Van Houten, Charlie Olinger
Losing you is my biggest fearMy heart hurts at the thought of itWhen I got that […]
The bright street lights shine bright against my shielded eyes, the warm summer air beams down […]
Cascade Wasting time sinking in thoughtsA million lines blinding meTomorrow comes a new dayPiling again my […]
I’m DRAINEDI’m angryI’m happyI’m STRESSED I sit alone and ask myself am I doing my bestThese […]
The colors you bring  I painted this piece and called it the “Color you bring” meaning  […]