The Dead of the King

There was a king named Clerane who had a wife named Belle. They had two sons named Chance and Anye, and they grew up in Norway with an empire known as the Vikings empire. They went to war with the Carolingian empire, and the war lasted for about two days. When the war was over the survivors came back with a lifeless king. When Belle saw the king she made the guards take the king’s body inside, so that her sons won’t see the dead king. For two months Belle made the decisions in the empire, and when it became obvious to Chace and Anye that their father wouldn’t be coming back they ran up to see their mom who was cleaning the king’s body. As they walked in and they saw the lifeless king they broke down crying. They told their mom that they need an explanation from her and she said 

“I was just trying to protect you from getting hurt,” because If you guys had found out you guys would want to get revenge. Anye and Chace had the elder of the empire call for a meeting in order to have a new king, so the elders made some challenge for Anye and Chase to complete the most difficult one was to make a race with an egg. Chase completed all the challenges while Anye on the other hand did not complete any of them. Chase was crowned the king of the empire and he became unstoppable. He went back to the battlefield where his father was killed and took his revenge. When he came back from war his brother paid some guards to kill him so he would be the king. His plans failed. He tried many ways to kill his brother but they all failed, so he took his brother on a road trip. On the trip he succeeded when he went home he said ” We were attacked on the road and Chase was killed, and his body was taken.” He was crowned the king. About six months later Chase came back to vikings, he was strong, healthy, and hurt. He requested to see the king Anye let him in 


Chase: you tried to kill but your plans failed. 

Anye: I am surprised that you are still alive. 

Chase: Why did you try to kill me? 

Anye: You know why I did what I did. I did it because I am your elder brother. I was the one who was to be the king and not you. 

Chase: You went this far just to have the throne for yourself. 

Anye: Yes and I will go further just to get you out of the picture. 

Chase: You won’t because I am living, I found a new family who loves me more than you or your mom ever did. 

When Chase confronted Anye he made it public, when the empire knew Chase was still alive they said they wanted him to become king again Chase said no because he had found a family that loved him for what he is and not what he has. Chase left the Palace to see his family out of the palace, when he told his new family that the villagers wanted him to become the king again they were interested in the story, but Chase said ” I am done with the family of the royalty”. His new parents said if he doesn’t want to be the king he should just do it for his father who is dead but he was a bit hesitant to do that, his parents convinced him he became more motivated to get back what his father gave him and to pay respect to his late father.

The first thing he did was to reach out to the elders of the empire and ask if they could restart the process of becoming a king, because he was still alive the elders accepted. When the elders break the news to Anye he was angry because he knew Chase will win, so after months of training the day finally came Anye tried cheating but he was caught and was sent out of the race which made Chase the king. Now Chase has power to do whatever he want, the first thing he did was kick Anye and his mother out of the empire the second thing was he made a proper funeral for his lake father and he brought in the family who took care of him when Anye tried killing him. 

By Anye

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