The Shadows Of Similarity 

Cora and Sadie’s lives are the same. If one buys groceries, the other buys groceries. If one falls, the other falls. If one dies, the other dies. 

“Sadie! Sadie, where are you!” Uh oh. This was Cora’s angry tone. Sadie knew this wasn’t going to be one of the good mornings. 

“Sadie, we’ve talked about this, you can’t sleep in! When you sleep in I sleep in, and I can’t sleep in!” 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose,” Sadie said 

sympathetically. She saw Cora’s angry face fall, realizing how sorry Sadie was. 

“It’s ok, it’s just frustrating. You don’t realize how important this job is to me, and my boss hates it when I am late.” Sadie did realize how important Cora’s job meant to her, and she knew her boss did not accept tardiness. She never slept in on purpose, but she didn’t have the same demanding schedule Cora did. Sadie is a writer for an actress, she writes whatever her boss tells her, and works her own hours as long as she provides the material. Cora has a completely different job. 

She has always dreamed of being an actress, but so far, that dream has not come to realization. Cora works close to actors as an assistant, fetching them anything they need or want. It’s not acting, but it’s close. 

* * * 

After Sadie apologized a few more times, the two finished breakfast and went to work. It was a regular day for Sadie. She stopped by the office to see if there was anything she could do.

There wasn’t, so she started writing a speech for her employer. She has a couple weeks to work on this, but she wants to make sure she gets it right. Once Sadie completed a good first draft, she went to get lunch. It was the usual tuna salad sandwich, which Cora also loved to eat for lunch, along with a small bag of cheetos. Sadie finished lunch and found a new assignment on her desk to write answers for an interview. She started working right away, hoping to finish today. By the time she did finish it was already 7 pm! She rushed home as fast as she could, knowing how much it made Cora upset when she was late. When she got home, she rushed around looking for Cora. She was nowhere to be found. Sadie figured maybe she got held up at work too, so she decided she should make dinner. 

It was 10 pm now. Cora was still not home. Sadie had already eaten, and Cora’s plate was still on the table, untouched. Sadie decided to go to her work and see if she was still there. She quickly grabbed her bag and ran down the stairs, getting really worried now. Without Cora to hold her back, she ran straight into the street, without seeing a truck speeding down the road. 

The End 

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