The Vampire’s Bride

The only thing that I remembered before waking up was me falling into a deep slumber. I walked down a dark path, letting my feet carry me to whatever they were trying to bring me too. I felt hazy, my mind mushy and numb. Slowly from the distance, I see a small river flowing and quiet. I jump over it and allowed my feet to continue to drag me to the place they were trying to show me. From the distance, there stood a tall statue from afar of a gorgeous castle. A creature I couldn’t describe made of stone, carefully carved beautifully on a pedestal. I walked closer to take a better look. Hmm, Why is the statue so far away from the castle? I thought to myself. The closer I creeped to the statue, the more alive the statue looked to my bare eyes. 

“Hello, do you know where this place is”? I ask. My first thought was why was I asking such a question to a thing that wasn’t alive. 

“This is my castle,” replied the statue. In shock I backed away fast. 

“Y-your castle?” I stutter. The statue looks down at me, nodding. 

“My name is Christopher, Christopher Vamprin the third. What is your name.” said Christopher. 

“My name is Elizabeth Moon Hazlelight. I think I’m lost here.” I fiddle with my nightgown. Dark purple with golden patterns of ivy leaves and roses. The patterns didn’t match well but I thought they were beautiful. 

“You’re lost?” Christopher’s voice chimed in my thoughts. 

“Yes! So can I stay at your place for a few days until I know where I can find my way to the Enchanted Empire to the mages? I have to get there soon for something important.” “You don’t have to stay for a few days. I’d suggest you’d stay forever. I think that’s a marvelous idea, don’t ya think? Could you be a witch? Since you have a witch marking on your arm. ” Christopher Pointed at my forearm where my birthmark imprinted my arm. Cupid witch, wizard, and mages were born with a mark anywhere on their body. The marks were heart-shaped and were to glow in their colors when they had found their soulmate. But their existence is rare since they didn’t have any importance in the world anymore. Or, that’s what everyone thought. 

While pointing toward the purple glow from my arm “Yes I’m a witch, a Cupid witch. What might you be?” 

“I am a Vampire.‘Blood suckers’ others call me,” Christopher laughed gently. I could feel pain from his aura. 

I stare at Christopher, I’ve never really known much about vampires so I knew I had to be cautious . “I’m curious, why are you outside in the cold? It’s dark out here as well” 

“A Cupid wizard has delivered a message that has notified me that my bride has come and is now on her way to my castle, so I’m out here waiting for her,” Christopher stared off out in the distance, probably to catch a glimpse of his bride. 

“Do you know who your bride is?” I can’t help but ask. I’ve been known to ask many questions just out of curiosity. 

“I do not, but it is to say for a witch, mage, or wizard’s marks to shine if they have already met their soulmate,” Christopher says with a smile. “I read a lot about Cupid witches and others. They were said to be Eroses minions of love, only given the power to make others fall in love and so on.” 

“Yes, you’re right about that.” I say. But after a moment of silence, I remember the glow on my arm. Purple. “Wait, my mark. It’s shining.” My heart pounded against my chest, I looked up to see Christopher smiling gently at me. 

“Yes that means you are my bride and you came to the right place my dear”, said Christopher. 

“I don’t understand, sir. I was just sleeping and ended up here”. 

“Hmmm I think I know why,” said Christopher. 

“Well can you please tell me why I ended up here”? 

“You are a witch, you should know why you ended up in my place,” said Christopher. “Well let me think. I might have forgotten something…Wait a minute. I remember now! A wizard came to announce something to me and I agreed yes and today is a day where they are sending me”. 

“You are my bride and soulmate, you agreed to the wizard didn’t you, no take backs,” said Christopher. 


“Come inside it cold out here,” said Christopher while opening the castle gate. The castle was really big, made out of stone and brick strong material that could stand storm and tornado. “Elizabeth, I need to tell you something that is going around my kingdom,” said Christopher. “We are having a war with the werewolves and I’m not confident that we will win.” “Well, tell me why you are confident you will lose. I might help you boost it,” I replied, smiling evilly. 

“The Werewolf knows our vampire weaknesses and they will use it against us. The Werewolf people are sneaky, so we need your power to help us win to get a witch. They will help. I need to marry a witch and thank goodness I finally found you,” said Christopher with a relieved look. 

“Okay, I got it you didn’t want to marry me anyway you are doing this for your kingdom right?” 

“Yes, I’m doing this for my kingdom because I can’t just run away and leave my people to fight to the death with the werewolf people.” 

“I can help, but how do I help the Vampire people?”. 

“I’m not sure but tell me what you can do and I’ll figure this out.” 

“Wait, you haven’t figured it out yet, I thought you did.” 

“Not until you tell me what your power is?” 

“I don’t even know what power I have? Why ask me?” With disappointment on Christopher’s face, he sadly knows they are going to lose. 

“You need to help me figure this out, Elizabeth,” said Christopher. 

“Christopher you have a few problems here. Number one, I haven’t manifested my powers yet. Number two, you don’t even know what to do to help your kingdom succeed in the war. Number three, I don’t know what I could do to help you win the war. If you work hard enough, you might be able to win.” 

“Hmm, well you may be right. But, you need to work hard to manifest your power. I could feel that your power isn’t just yet manifest, it needs you to be ready so it could manifest”, said Christopher. 

“How do you know? You know nothing about a witch anyway”. 

“I do know because my mother is a witch that’s why you’re here in the first place to help me.” 

“Quit talking, I need to sleep.” 

“About that I will lead you to your bedroom. I meant our bedroom.” 

As Christopher shows me to the bedroom, I look at the hallway made out of materials of gold and floors made out of marble. The bedroom was way more luxurious than the hallway, the windows are made out of beautiful rainbow crystal glass that the moonlight shines through. There are also plants that I’ve only seen in books. They glow and illuminate the room. The bed is finely made with the finest woods, silk, and cotton you can find in the Empire. “O-our bedroom?” I said. 

“Elizabeth, we’re about to be husband and wife. Sharing a room is necessary.” “Yes, but we are not married yet. It is not necessary.” 

“Tomorrow, we are to wed. Just letting you know, so be ready tomorrow and good night. I will be sleeping in another room.” 

“WHAT! T- tomorrow? 

“Yes”, said Christopher as he walked out of the room. 

I sat on my bed and rested as I sigh. I’m relieved that I can sleep in an actual bed, plus Christopher showed decent hospitality. Tomorrow is our wedding day…Tomorrow. Is. Our. Wedding. Day. As the thought of it made my heart pound thump. I put my beautiful cloak the color of dark purple Iris on the chair and went to sleep on the bed that is way more comfortable then my bed at home. As I draft to sleep I hear Christopher’s voice whispering to my ear to sleep tight and be ready for our wedding the next morning. 


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