“I can’t choose” I yell desperately thinking of how the outcome will be. “Just choose already” They yell at me , I tell them to close my eyes and pull the trigger …… 


4 th grade (10 years old) 

“I’m so sorry but I don’t like you that way” 

That was the very last time Youngsae ever confessed to someone he loved. They still remained besties , acting like nothing happened. Everything was normal


I walk into the school gates, I hate school and I miss my bestfriend Daewon. My brother starts school in the middle of the school year since he goes to boarding school. I sit down on my seat next to the new boy. He was a very introverted person. He said his name was Eunhyeok. After making him speak a couple times he eventually started talking back with me and its not just me rambling. We became very close friends after that, i always helped him out when he was scared to talk with a big group of people. And we always hung out at school. 

He doesn’t talk much but he’s a very sweet boy and he’s pretty cute too. We were really close until it was the middle of the school year. I was so excited that my bestfriend Daewon and Eunhyeok are meeting soon. 

I was walking hand in hand with Daewon on my way to our school and met with Eunhyeok. I noticed how the vibe immediately changed. 

“Hi Eunhyeok this is Daewon my bestfriend and this is Eunhyeok ” I smiled and they started to talk. 

“You’re friends with him?’Eunhyeok started,” Boi, why is he friends with you?”daewon said. 

“I was his friend here,” Eunhyeok shouted .” I was friends with him years before you,”Daewon announced. 

“No wonder no one likes you, you even ran away,”Eunhyeok said. “I didn’t run away, I had a job to accomplish” Daewon said and Han has had enough. “You guys are so annoying ugh” I said leaving them and they seemed to continue to argue . I’m not going to get upset today .Well I’m just happy my brother is coming tomorrow anyways. 

The next day 

“Youngsoo!!” I yell loudly and hug my brother. I fell asleep and couldn’t pick him up at the door so this is the first time I’m meeting him after a while.

“I missed you” I squeeze him hard in the hug making him tap my back telling me to stop. “Me too,” He replies. 

After showing him around the school I asked him a question. “So how’s the school?” 

“It’s pretty good everyone is nice except for that guy glaring at me “ Youngsoo pointed at Eunhyeok which Youngsae rolled his eyes on. 

“Hey Youngsoo,” Daewon said, greeting Youngsoo while I just stared at him, still upset. 

“Youngsae i’m sorry okay? It won’t happen again” he said and that was all it took to make me smile brightly which caused him to blush by surprise and he smiled back at me . 

As I sat down next to Eunhyeok in class , I kept ignoring him and his little pout which was somehow very cute but is not the case right now. The bell rang and I stood up to leave. I heard Eunhyeok calling me to wait but Youngsso was already waiting for me at the entrance so we walked together to the cafeteria. Youngsoo told me that he received an ugly stare from Eunhyeok out i told him to not care about it. 

Daewon got ready that night as he had a mission with his gang members. Daewon is the leader of the dark blue gang who is one of the most powerful gangs right after the red gang. But to cover his identity for the innocent Youngsae he always wore a wig to school to cover his hair color which actually suited him. 

After the completion of the mission on their way home they saw the red gang members . 

“Funny seeing you again Daewon,” The leader said, smiling through his mask. It was their tradition to greet each other when they meet. 

“Yeah it’s so nice meeting you” Daewon said, removing his mask as the leader of the red team did the same. Daewon gritted his teeth seeing the person right in front of him. 

“Oh, does Youngsae know what you’re doing as a job?”Eunhyeok grinned. “ Does he know yours? What i thought so we can just keep each other’s secret he’s too innocent” Daewon said , he bowed down and left . 

“That dude ugh” The leader groaned in frustration. 

Youngsae kept ignoring Eunhyeok and always hung out with Youngsoo, Daewon sometimes hang with them but not that much. 

“What is he? His boyfriend?” Eunhyeok said clenching on his fork with jealousy and anger in his eyes, Daewon heard his words and decided to tease a little. “ Ooh someone’s jealous”

“Shut up” Eunhyeok said stuffing a mouthful of food in his mouth and putting a loaf a bread in Daewon mouth. 

“Yo Daewon, come eat with us “ Youngsae called out and Eunhyeok watched Daewon leave . 

After some time Youngsoo eventually made some friends. He was very excited. Their names were Daeshim and Hyun-Shik and they were hanging out almost daily . Youngsae understood the feeling of making new friends and let his brother experience it without disturbing him. 

“Han was sitting next to Eunhyeok again and after a couple minutes Eunhyeok finally mustered up the courage to apologize. “Youngsae I’m sorry what I did was wrong” He said and then smiled. 

“That was all I needed” he hugged him and after that they always hung out without Daewon as Youngsae still felt the tension between them . Youngsae always hung out with Eunhyeok at school and Daewon outside of school. 

One Saturday Daewon and I(Youngsae) were walking in the mall when I received a call from a mysterious person. On that day I heard the worst news of my life. My brother was killed, and with tears in my eyes I dragged Daewon along with me. It turned out Youngsoo was killed by gang members when his friends were coming over. 

From that day on I would go to Daewon for comfort and Eunhyeok seemed to realize this but he didn’t know the reason why but maybe he saw how in pain i was in he decided to give me some space for now. 

It hurt Daewon to watch Youngsae cry and get hurt like this, he always hated when the people he loved got hurt. After some deep thinking Daewon came to the conclusion he had fallen in love with Youngsae but would never admit it. Because what if what happened to Youngsae in fourth grade will happen to him this time . And he won’t bear that. 

Youngsae was avoiding Eunhyeok as after hanging out together multiple times he developed feelings and did not want to be crushed twice and I vowed as well to never confess to anyone. 

One night I went to the grocery shop until I heard commotion in the alleyway . I approached slowly and saw 3 men with red hair, once they noticed me they ran away. I noticed that there was a man with blue hair groaning in pain on the ground. I rushed over to help them until I noticed it was Daewon. 

‘Omg what happened? Are you okay?” I ask worriedly. “I’ll explain later we need to leave” Daewon said and we both went to the hospital.

“I’ll tell you who did it , It was Eunhyeok who murdered Youngsoo and tried to do the same with me but you came into their way” Daewon said and Han couldn’t believe it. No, Eunhyeok will never do such a thing, he also has black hair not red, it’s impossible, and why would he kill my brother? I don’t believe he would ever. Eunhyeok is a little introverted child who isn’t capable of doing that . I say in my mind denying the so-called truth. 

After a couple days Daewon fully recovers and plans his revenge against Eunhyeok who was trying to kill him. 

“Hak-Kun, I want you to tell Hyun-Shik and Daeshim (red mamba) to go with Eunhyeok to this specific location. 

“Yes sir” Hak-Kun announced getting ready to leave. “Eo-Shin, I want you to give Youngsae this note” Daewon said, handing a note in his hand. “Copy that sir” Eo-Shin responded and he puts on his coat and boots and head over to Youngsae’s house. 

I just finished washing the dishes and was getting ready to go to sleep. I had this feeling that something would happen and I was right as a mysterious man knocked on my door. 

“ Hello, how may I help you today?” I ask and he starts shuffling something in his pocket before speaking. 

“ Go to this place tonight or right now we will be waiting for you, ah Eo- Shin by the way and wear something cozy” He says and leaves leaving Me shooketh. I get my favorite hoodie on and start going. I was really surprised to see that I was at an abandoned place , I really wanted to go home this time. 

Anyways I walk inside and see a group of people.They were divided into two people with Red hair and people with Blue hair. 

I notice it was the red hair that almost killed Daewon and I also see Daewon and Eo-Shin? Then I recognized the people around and I was shocked to see Eunhyeok as Daewon said. I was going to have a full on meltdown but I needed to be strong. 

“Daewon?,Eunhyeok, Daeshim, Hyun- Shik and Eo-Shin? What is this?” I asked but everyone stayed silent. 

After staring in confusion it clicked they were in gangs and they were rivals so Eunhyeok tried to kill Daewon and killed my brother because they were rivals? I notice all the weapons that are far away enough from them. Now I was terrified but then Eo-Shin handed me a gun. 

“Is this real?” I ask. “Yeah it is and has only one bullet” Daewon and Eunhyeok say in unison to me.

“Now choose Eunhyeok or Daewon,” Hak-Kun announced. I look in confusion. How can I choose? I love them deeply. I can’t do this. I say to myself. “I can’t choose” I yell desperately thinking of how the outcome will be. “Just choose already” They yell at me , I tell them to close my eyes and pull the trigger….. 


The suddenly *BANG* a loud gunshot was heard. 

Both boys smirked knowing they weren’t killed which meant Youngsae chose him. When they opened their eyes, They were terrified. 

A lifeless body of a boy with a bullet through his head, blood dripping everywhere. 

Youngsae a teenage boy from the Ephedia high school has found dead at the children’s abandoned hospital , cause of death SUICIDE


Little announcement: 

This story was really fun to write and it took a little while to look for what the ending will be. I want to thank Storyark for making it possible to create this story and giving tips on how to get ideas and improve. 

I also want to thank all readers for reading this story and I hope people enjoyed it. 

And also all the people who helped me with editing as well.

Thank you for reading TOXIC FRIENDS 

From author: Clara Andrianarivola.

Planning of the story 

_Youngsae rejection in 4th grade 

_Youngsae be friends Eunhyeok 

_Daewon comes back to korea 

_Youngsae being excited to introduce Daewon and Eunhyeok 

_Youngsae hangs out with his younger brother Youngsoo 

_Eunhyek gets upset for being lonely again 

_Youngsoo be friends Hyun-Shik and Daeshim which leaves his brother alone 

_Youngsae hangs out with Eunhyeok at school and with Daewon outside of school . 

_Youngsae finds out his brother Youngsoo was brutally murdered by gang members. 

_Youngsae cries and Daewon comforts him during the hard times 

_Youngsae finds Daewon brutally beaten at an alleyway by the members of the blue mamba, and takes care of him. 

_Daewon plans his revenge 

_The blue mamba and the red mamba gather together around Youngsae and make him choose. 

_ After hesitating a lot Youngsae chooses who he wants to kill 


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