Losing you is my biggest fear
My heart hurts at the thought of it
When I got that text from you my body felt limp, my heart felt a pain that I had never felt before
My eyes teared up to the point where I couldn’t see
My vision was blurred by tears, I couldn’t even see what I was typing
I know you aren’t dead but you could have been and that’s what scares me the most
You could be here one moment and gone the next
I’m just thankful you are okay
I’m not ready to lose you, and I never will be
I don’t even like to think that thought because everytime I do, my eyes start to run and I feel that stabbing pain in my heart
You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, you are my soulmate
The only thing that could take you from me is death
And that’s why my biggest fear is losing you

By Shelby

Topic – the thought of losing someone I love
Mood – sad, scared, thankful

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