By Mayaddah Abdullahi

    We Won’t Forget

 (Israel-Palestine conflict)

Today we are vulnerable

Today we were attacked

Today our homes are war-torn, and stolen

Today we hold another funeral

Today we are dying one by one

Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children, and elders

Killed without mercy

And for what? Holding a stone?

Today we go hungry

And today we fight

Today we protest

And today we are ignored

Today we are wronged

But tomorrow we rise

Remember what you have done

Remember and regret

The cries and plea’s of the dead

The blood you shed

Remember the number of kids left without a family

Remember the screams of the children and the families of the deceased 

And Remember that all you have done, the death and the destruction you caused was all for something that wasn’t even yours

Remember because we will not forget

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