LCWM, Madelia, St. James, Maple River

9th-12th grade students

June 12 – 15, 2023

Hang out with fellow creatives and gain skills in the most effective communication known to humankind!

Podcast, Poetry, Literary Arts.

Learn how to lead through the art of storytelling by creating and sharing stories that are meaningful to you!

Join us in the Twin Cities for the 4-day Rising Action Tour!

Leadership through storytelling

Students will join together for a 4 day camp in the Twin Cities to explore leadership through storytelling. The focus of this camp will be developing leadership skills, relationship building, and a deeper understanding of personal and shared identities and values.


Students will collaborate together to create to original pieces in podcast, poetry, short stories, song lyrics, and more!

Skill development

At the end of this 3 day camp, students will walk away with a deeper understanding of their own leadership skills, new and meaningful relationships, and tools to continue their creative endeavors.

Join us!

$25.00 holds your spot, refundable at the conclusion of the trip.