Our lovely LA correspondent Emma Halleen is back to talk about nailing your Headshots and acting […]
Today is very exciting for me because I get to interview a couple of my idols […]
I finally got a haircut and I’m feelin good! Speaking of short, let’s talk short stories!
Let’s get Obscure! Crazy hobbies, moths, Victorian Cooking Shows, let’s pick up a crazy skill!
Not feeling super fantastic today, but we’re going to answer your questions anyway! The question generator […]
Tapioca update, my latest obsession of Victorian Cooking, and podcasting!
In this episode it is my pleasure to speak with the local Twin Cities band NUNNABOVE! […]
A little life update and reflecting. I have some College advice for you, let’s discuss.
I’m back and ready to answer your questions, and we have some good ones! Shoot me […]