Years into the future, long after the story of Andromeda and her friends, 2 agents find […]
Welcome Dear Listener. Andy tries to come to terms with the loss of Pollux and, with […]
Welcome, my dear listener. Today we will catch up with Andy and her rocky pal Betelgeuse […]
Andy meets new friends as she enters the first Trial, Ben and Rachael try to convince […]
Marcel attacks Geyaabi with unprecedented power and a frantic Andy tries to find out the truth […]
Snowfall allows the sacred stories to be told, and Maang remembers his quest
The tribe implements Aandeg’s plan and expresses their distrust of Andy and Vega; Ben seeks answers […]
Aandeg comes up with a plan to save the box, Zach’s home situation deteriorates and Andy […]
Marcel devastates the tribe, Andy seeks answers from the Chief and Ben questions Silence
Maang enters Edellen with an important message for Andy while in Geyaabi Marcel attacks