Stephani Atkins works as the Executive Director for StoryArk, publishes The Boom Site Magazine and serves as Executive Producer for all the podcast and film projects. She also hosts the StoryArk Network. As an artist, Ms. Atkins works on literary art projects that are realized on multiple formats (video, audio, web, print and other media). She is a freelance writer of marketing and advocacy materials and has produced short films through StoryBoard Films. Prior to StoryArk, Stephani worked as a marketing director, substitute taught middle school English, and served as a director of student programming for both large and small non-profit educational programs. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois with a liberal arts degree that focused on journalism, American culture and secondary education. Check out her TEDx Talk or see other articles including: 

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Stephani Atkins TEDx Talk 

Contact Stephani at steph @storyark.org

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