By Atherio Prologue: Horrid beginningsI see it the road. That road that would forever change my life. All I can do is sit here andwatch. I can’t do anything. Why, Why, WHY! WHY! WHY can’t I move my legs? Whycan’t I scream stop? All I can […]
I know I haven’t been the best of me but I’ll try to be better man, and show you the best of me, just for yoouuu, for youuu As the days goes By I can’t stop thinking ’bout you, how precious your smile, how bright your […]
Losing you is my biggest fearMy heart hurts at the thought of itWhen I got that text from you my body felt limp, my heart felt a pain that I had never felt beforeMy eyes teared up to the point where I couldn’t seeMy vision was […]
The bright street lights shine bright against my shielded eyes, the warm summer air beams down almost like a blanket. I’m far from home as it is but with every step I take I feel the worry and discomfort building. But with any step I took […]
Cascade Wasting time sinking in thoughtsA million lines blinding meTomorrow comes a new dayPiling again my thoughts awayConstantly wondering when it’s doneI can feel my body going numb Cascading grades are none to mournSo tell me, what the hell is the battle of little big hornThis […]
I’m DRAINEDI’m angryI’m happyI’m STRESSED I sit alone and ask myself am I doing my bestThese nights I stay up to to finish homeworkAnd did I mention I also have workI am between the lines of depress or in distress To which I can not figure […]
The colors you bring  I painted this piece and called it the “Color you bring” meaning  the color you bring into peoples life meaning the bad and good. I wanted to relate this painting to how I felt and how other students might feel in a […]
By: Kyle
In 7th grade, I had a Life Science teacher named Mis.Ellenbecker. She treated all the guys in my class like we were 2nd graders and her class experience was very bad. When I got to 11th-grade registration I knew I had to take a biology class […]
By: Delaney
By: Elliott
Chorus School By Mariyam Music/Vocals: Cadence Nunn Topic: Stress Tie in: bad grades Feelings In between: Depression/sadness, stress Resolution: Getting my grades upI saw my future collapsing when I looked at the gradebookMy brain feels tight and I can’t breathBut I’m trying my best as I look […]
By: Kimberly
Chorus: Chronicle Depression Topic: clinical depression Music/Vocals: Cadence Nunn Tie in (what’s happening): locked away in room and too depressed to leave Feeling in between: lost and confused Resolution: Is out of depression but still in a constant battle with it I feel so sleepy yet got […]
This painting shows a girl that represents me waking up at 6:00 am with my makeup still on from the day before. It represents the amount of times I’ve fallen asleep with my homework laid out in front of me. During school weeks high schoolers never […]
By Kaylena Beep beep beep5 hours of sleepMy eyes are so tired and I feel so weak10 more minutes and I’ll be fineSet the alarm againClose my eyeBEEP BEEP BEEPUghh alrightEyes barely able to openBut I have been wokenso I’ll get up My first-hour I’m tired, […]
By Mahir Music/Vocals: Cadence Nunn Chorus: Sleep Topic: Mental Health  Tie in (what’s happening): Life threatening Feelings in between: Sad Resolution See the shiny yellow sun  2. They have been taking over by the stress 3.They then cause a motion 4. That will become a distress. After. […]
By: Maya
By: Amanuel School starts too early I always sleep through my first class Always too tired to do my math  I just want to go home and take a nap  So much homework I want to explode Mental stress through the roof  Feel like im boutta […]
By Nebiel Music/Vocals: Cadence Nunn Topic: Mental Health  Tie in (what’s happening): Mental health affecting students  In between: (feeling) Resolution: Student’s tell the school/principal how to help them improve their mental health.  Chorus:  1. Feel so drained hard to fall asleep  2. Can’t worry about the results […]
Misunderstood By: Shania Entering the halls  Even in the stalls  Depressed teens are everywhere But don’t know who to call  The counselor can help  And fix all your problems  So that you can blossom  But instead of joyful  They all leave solemn  We don’t act hood  […]
Title: Stress By: Noah Music/Vocals: Cadence Nunn 1. School drains me in every aspect 2.I’m longing for the weekend 3. The anxiety of due dates drives me crazy 4.It makes me feel very lazy 5.I just want a break 6.My brain aches  The mood changes 7. My […]
Prepared My futures ahead Most important years of my life, I’ve been preparing Did well years before, It should be the same But it’s all different, From notes to conversations From test to abstract activities- This is not what I was thought Not what I spent […]
Song name: fears  Topic: mental health  By Audrey Music/Vocals: Cadence Nunn Tie: struggling to keep going  Feelings in between: not feeling good enough Resolution: getting a higher confidence  Lyrics:  1.not getting anywhere  2.can’t get out of bed without the fears rushing through my mind  3.can’t get out […]
Music/Vocals: Cadence Nunn
Music/Vocals: Cadence Nunn
Music/Vocals: Cadence Nunn
Two washed up detectives stumble into a murder investigation in a small town in Ohio.
After terrible events, Marcus finds himself reevaluating his life and his priorities. With the help of his friend Asma, his eyes are open to ignorance of himself and those around him. He makes it a priority to educate himself on what he finds near and dear […]
Four youths share how the often unseen aspects of their mental illnesses and trauma have impacted their day-to-day experiences.
In the halls of Hamilton High, four girls face the difficulties of going against the standards set by those around them. Phoebe fights against the fashion industry’s lack of options for plus-size women, Kennedy faces the difficult reality of people finding cracks in her Perfect Facade, […]