Ekram Ibrahim- Hijab

My hijab

I’ve become so accustomed to you

That when they say I’m oppressed or I don’t have any rights

I wonder

“since when“ “I thought I chose you“

not the other way around

My hijab is my religious code

And I will never ever let go

my hijab means cover up

but does not cover up my weaknesses or make me oppressed

But in fact displays my courage

My confidence and my strengths

Which is all built out of love for Allah

And not for the love of materials or this dunya

no it’s not a curtain , not a towel and no I don’t shower in it

Yes I do have hair and don’t tell anyone but I even wash it just like you

I find it funny when they make front of you when if they were to walk a day in my shoes they would take you off the first chance they got

If they were to walk a day in my shoes they would feel peace and love in their hearts

If they were to walk a day in my shoes that they got it all wrong

That yes I’m free, yes I’m peace and yes we are the same you and me

And no man influences my decisions this all me baby. And I’m here to tell you how it really  is how I really live

And I know sometimes I joke along but I don’t really mean it I just want to fit it please don’t be angry with me

You know I would never betray you know you are my identity

So please forgive me

My hijab

My beautiful hijab

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