Where I am from and who I am  My name is Sundus and I am from Saint peter highschool. I am Muslim girl that grew up in Africa. Certain times when people ask you where you are from you don’t get the chance to explain or […]
What The Crime is a true crime podcast. This episode features Serial Killer Ricardo “Richard” Leyva Muñoz Ramírez, dubbed the Valley Intruder and the Night Stalker
By Mayaddah Abdullahi     We Won’t Forget  (Israel-Palestine conflict) Today we are vulnerable Today we were attacked Today our homes are war-torn, and stolen Today we hold another funeral Today we are dying one by one Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children, and elders Killed without mercy And […]
By Makayla Swanson As I draw my bow ready to make my move on the unsuspecting doe, I can’t shake the feeling of a set of eyes on me. I shrug it off, but I can feel it watching from the shadows waiting to strike. Just […]
Developed by: the Literary Arts Team (all members) Written by: Cassidy, Jasmine, Melisandra, Asma, Aidan, Evie, Anja, Jay, Anna, Jackie, Sundus, Erin Edited by: Eli, Cadence, Tufah StoryArk: SMC Storytelling Camp, June 2021 A dark figure stands, breathing heavily. It turns its head left and right […]
A short story By Aidan Connolly Scene 1 A dark figure stands, breathing heavily. It turns its head left and right to scan the surrounding area. It stoops low for a moment and reaches an arm to the ground. It picks up a bullet, misshapen and […]
Join Shahd and Naomi as they interview Real Estate Agent Patty Neeson on the ins and outs of being an agent, homebuying, and selling.
By Katie Peterson The great gorgeous sun, so bright and yellow. I get so excited to see it rise from the dark  and shallow night. You are the heart of all this earth, you and your yellow ray of light.
By Parker Nutter The demon cowers with his midnight scleras becoming more and more visible, lips pulled back in fear, revealing rows upon rows of sharp teeth. The normally arrogant and ferocious creature was now in a state of pure terror. As my hand lowers itself […]
By Kaden MacLeish Words fail my graphite tongue and my spoken text when I think of you Because loving you is like loving a self proclaimed Lucifer  It gives you a sense of freedom and rebellion but convicts you to a prison of hate Loving you […]
By Sarrah Abdullahi They slither out in the quietest of nights; Whispering and cradling in the darkness. Only witnessed by; Lights of moon and stars, Shadows of houses and trees. Always listening; always watching. Keeping secrets buried within; Telling not a soul.
All my life I have dealt with microaggressions and racism. From the snide comments about my lunch to the mocking of my slanted eyes from my peers pulling their eyes upwards. I never really paid much attention to it though, because no one else did either. […]
Down on his luck writer Wilbur finds himself face with trials of reviving himself while being “guided” by influencer grim reaper Gigi
Novaz Mysterium The Absent Narrative Project Absent Narrative Colorblind & Carnation https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=TCdRBRDmt5M&feature=emb_logo What’s Your Story? The Impact
By: Kaleigh King Melissa: the famous 24 year old lawyer that has no recollection of her parents or her past. There is one thing however that nobody knows… she is special. Her days as a lawyer have gone swift and smoothly.  However, one day that all […]
By Mason Borchardt November. Lure me into the deep, pathless woods.  Let me stir up the darkness with the soles of my feet  My head is cast iron, red-hot. Stifling.  Throw something in, see if it catches, cauterizes. I think I remember a story.  A lost […]
To Whom It May Concern,  The golden rule goes “treat others the way you want to be treated.” It’s what they constantly kept telling us growing up and it was the #1 rule, which is why I want you to remember that. If everyone followed it, […]
After terrible events, Marcus finds himself reevaluating his life and his priorities. With the help of his friend Asma, his eyes are open to ignorance of himself and those around him. He makes it a priority to educate himself on what he finds near and dear […]
“When Calvin finds himself being hunted by a supernatural monster, his only hope is Fern, the seasoned monster hunter who is unable to feel fear.”
Her Silent Companion  By Anna Benson  The darkness loomed before her, pressing closer with every breath. The stairs hadn’t seemed so daunting while she was in the safety of her room, but on the landing where soft light met the pure darkness, she hesitated. Her imagination […]
When his mom becomes sick with COVID, Wayne has to shoulder the responsibility of paying bills, working extra hours and taking care of his little brother to make ends meet.
When 4 friends get stuck in their favorite video game what will they do and how will they get home?
“You’re not my cup of tea, I’m more of a coffee kind of guy.” You’re right I’m not coffee I’m tea You never liked tea  Not the way he does He loves tea In a tall glass with ice or hot in a mug Green or […]
Four youths share how the often unseen aspects of their mental illnesses and trauma have impacted their day-to-day experiences.
Two washed up detectives stumble into a murder investigation in a small town in Ohio.
By Victor Lam Ever since the war began, the attitude of the land has changed. Going from full of dreams and wishes, to kill or be killed. Some opportunists have even begun building businesses off of that saying, ranking the best of the best assassins against […]
Argenta and the Conjurers by all the CWI Participants Smoke and tears blur her vision as the smell of the fire burns in front of her. Argenta watches through teary eyes as her mother’s ashes scatter around the burning stake. Panic fills the young girl’s chest […]
Any borrowed time left?  Why do you run away from me and pretend as if this is a game of tag? I just about catch up to you, only to be reminded that I can’t.  Oh time, we’re all a slave to you,you never stop for […]
By Jayda Boutchee People are high people are low People know the feeling of being alone Feeling alone even when you’re with people  That is a feeling that sometimes has a sequel  You begin to lose people you know When this is something out of your […]
In the halls of Hamilton High, four girls face the difficulties of going against the standards set by those around them. Phoebe fights against the fashion industry’s lack of options for plus-size women, Kennedy faces the difficult reality of people finding cracks in her Perfect Facade, […]
By Badrah Abdullahi “He didn’t have to lose his life…it didn’t have to be this way,” Richie’s mother sobbed. The other mourners nodded their heads as they wiped a few tears. It was the spring of 1965, and the funeral service was nothing you’d expect. Blacks […]
“A girl tries to tell her best friend she has a crush on him but zoom technical problems keep getting in the way.”